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"But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days."
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"...for thou shalt rest..."

  • #6 FAITH BULDER: Faith is believing in what God has done. Daniel could see clearly how God had led his life in the past. His prayers had been answered; some of the prophecies had already been fulfilled. God's Word was true; he had a solid foundation upon which to build his faith. Faith is also believing in what God can do. Daniel was praying and working for the restoration of the Jewish people. Cyrus had already made a decree letting the children of Israel go back to Jerusalem. There were difficulties with the Samaritans but the Lord had assured Daniel He was working in their behalf. Faith is believing in what God is going to do. Now Daniel could rest in the Lord, knowing the people of God would be cared for, and all would rejoice together at the resurrection. (KC 156)
  • Daniel lived a wonderful life. He served as prime minister [to] two countries. But most importantly, he had a close relationship with his Lord. Now the time had come for him to rest. He simply closed his eyes in the sleep of death and will rest until the end of days. It will have seemed but a moment when he will awake at the end of time to see his Savior and receive his inheritance. (KC 157)

"...stand in thy lot at the end of days."

  • The fulfilment of Daniel's prophecies would reach many years into the future. Daniel was to rest in the grave but "at the end of the days" -- in the closing period of this world's history -- he [Daniel] would again be permitted to "stand in his lot" and place. (PK 547). (4BC 881)