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Most homeowners have no clue that there are ways to prevent and defend against foreclosures. Marteal Lamb has the experience and knowledge to help. Jacksonville Foreclosure Defense is just a phone call away, 904-534-5598.

Jacksonville Foreclosure Defense Attorney


With the constant turn of economics, filing bankruptcy is the last and final option. Marteal Lamb, a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney, can guide and assist clients with options to stay afloat. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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The Law Office of Marteal Lamb, PLC offers legal representation for employers facing a varierty of employment problems and legal matters. Areas of practice include but are not limited to non-comptetition, discrimination, harassment, and employment agreements.

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Foreclosure Lawyer in Jacksonville, Civil Attorney Jax
Foreclosure Attorney in Jacksonville, FL


Bankruptcy Lawyer in Jacksonville, Civil Attorney Jax
Bankruptcy Attorney in Jacksonville, FL


Family Lawyer in Jacksonville, Civil Attorney Jax
Employer Law Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

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Forclosures happen in Jacksonville FL and the best defense is to hire an experienced Foreclosure Attorney. You may be able to stop the foreclosure and or get better options. Let the foreclosure attorney go over every detail with you regarding the foreclosure process. Florida has rules regarding the foreclosure.

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