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Are you tired of companies and contractors taking advantage of you or not giving you what you paid for?  You do not have to take it lying down.  The Law Office of Marteal Lamb can fight for you, and make those contractors listen!  Getting something done is just a phone call away, call Marteal at (904) 534-5598.



With the constant turn of economics, filing bankruptcy is the last and final option. Marteal Lamb, an Arizona attorney with over 8 years of bankruptcy experience, can guide and assist clients with options to stay afloat. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.



The Law Office of Marteal Lamb, PLC offers legal representation for employers facing a variety of employment problems and legal matters. If your business needs anything from collections, employment agreements, office manuals, office equipment or lease agreements to employee non-compete agreements, our office can get it done

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with Marteal Lamb, an Arizona Legal Attorney.

Foreclosures happen in Arizona and the best defense is to hire an experienced Foreclosure Attorney. You may be able to stop the foreclosure and or get better options. Let the foreclosure attorney go over every detail with you regarding the foreclosure process. Arizona has rules regarding the foreclosure.


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